Every moment of the day.....captured forever!

Every bride dreams of their own wedding day and certainly wants it to be something special. Nothing can capture the day's events better than photographs and video. A wedding album made up of all the still photographs taken before, during and after the ceremony is as important to you as the day itself. We can show you how the still moments come alive with exciting video. Just think, you'll be able to relive every moment with all the action of the video and the audio from each scene. The exchange of the wedding vows, the announcement of the new Mr. and Mrs......., even the best man's toast will never be lost. These scenes can be viewed and heard over and over again with the click of your remote.


All of our video packages include TWO digital cameras

offering multi-angle playback on your final DVD

Basic DVD Package


Ceremony and Reception

  • Full 6 hours of video coverage
  • One manned camera
  • One stationary camera

Deluxe DVD Package


Ceremony and Reception

  • Full 6 hours of video coverage
  • Two manned cameras


Premium DVD Package



Ceremony and Reception

  • Full 10 hours of video coverage
  • Two manned cameras
  • Multiple Locations


All you need is love........we'll capture it in video.

All of the above packages include the following:

  • Video acquisition at ceremony
  • Wireless microphone on bridegroom
  • Backup digital audio recording at ceremony
  • Video acquisition at reception
  • TWO cameras for multi-angle play back
  • Special shots before and after ceremony
  • Professional editing of all the footage
  • Introduction highlights of your day
  • Still photographs can be included
  • Specific chapter placement
  • Video thumbnail navagation buttons
  • Tasteful addition of animated graphics
  • Custom music added for chapter menu
  • Your wedding invitation on the DVD
  • The wedding party credits
  • Full screen menus for easy navigation
  • Customized jacket cover and disc label
  • THREE copies of your finished DVD
  • We archive your DVD assets indefinitely


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